Make Your Outdoor Areas Safer With Poured In Place Rubber Surfacing

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor environment, safety should always be the foremost concern. Whether you own a commercial property or a residential property, contacting a reputable, playground surface contractor is a vital part of ensuring that play areas do not result in major injuries and costly liability issues. Are you looking for poured in place rubber surfacing? If so, then Park Pet & Play has the perfect solutions.

We specialize in the installation of surfaces that both beautify properties and protect the people who use their outdoor features. For little children, climbing on standing equipment can pose a variety of dangers. When parks are planned carefully, however, the risk of serious harm is greatly minimized. Rubberized surfaces provide a vast range of benefits to this end.

To start, these surfaces are capable of providing a soft and reliable cushion for protecting the knees and other joints. This way, young and curious explorers can be just as adventurous and rambunctious as they want to be, and parents and caregivers can rest easy. They also break long falls. This, if kids lose their grip on the monkey bars and come crashing down, the effects of the resulting impact will be greatly minimized.

In outdoor areas, moisture is also a common issue. This poses a special threat when there are lots of little bodies moving around in a relatively high space, and at relatively high speeds. Our surfaces provide an adequate amount of traction for ensuring that slip and fall accidents do not constantly occur. They help people maintain their footing as they negotiate wet, dewy or otherwise moist areas.

No matter what the nature, nuances, and needs of your property may be, we have the perfect solutions for you. Best of all, we’re proud to offer some of the most stylish and modern options in outdoor safety surfacing available. Thus, you can both protect yourself and all others on your property, while beautifying the space and adding tremendous value and curb appeal. Making upgrades like these is also an excellent way to improve your risk profile and limit your insurance costs.

Call 877-907-6222 today for a free estimate! You can also check out our online image gallery to see some of the many, eye-catching designs that we’ve done for our clients before. With our help, you can create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space for children to play while giving supervising adults plenty peace of mind.