Discover The Best Options In Playground Safety Surfacing

Whether you own a large daycare, a standard residential property, or act as principal of a public school, you have to find a way to keep all play areas adequate safe for use. More often than not, the first and most important step in these efforts is simply choosing the right options in playground safety surfacing. Park Pet & Play is a highly experienced company within this niche. With our experience and the vast range of services we provide, we’re guaranteed to help you find the absolute best solution for your needs.

Our bonded rubber mulch playground installers are committed to helping learning institutions comply with the very stringent regulations that govern their industries. They’re also dedicated to helping residential property owners keep their loved ones safe. As such, they know how to choose the best surfaces and solutions for every environment and application.

When you get ready to plan your surfacing project, we can help you identify the best materials for your budget and for the requirements of your location. We offer many different options in synthetic mulch and in rubber flooring. We will consider factors such as the nature of the available play structures, the height of these units, and the approximate age of the children you intend to protect.

In order to help you get a solution that is guaranteed to last throughout the years, we will additionally account for the various forms of wear and tear that these surfaces are likely to sustain. We will consider the local climate and the amount of traffic that these spaces are likely to see. This way, you will be guaranteed to get excellent returns on this investment given that the results will be sure to last.

Another benefit of working with us to create an amazing place that children enjoy. That’s because our products are just as aesthetically-pleasing as they are safe and functional. Not only will we provide a safe space for your little ones, but we’ll also increase the overall curbside value of your property in the process. From selecting the right colors, the perfect thickness, the best materials and the right designs, we are just as focused on improving all-around aesthetics as we are in making outdoor areas fun and safe.

Call 877-907-6222 today for a free estimate. Let us show you some of the incredible materials that we have for creating safer and more enjoyable, recreational spaces. We have an extensive portfolio, a number of satisfied clients, and numerous first-rate and truly affordable playground surfacing options.