Pool Deck Surfacing

A pool deck’s design plays a significant role in determining the aesthetic value and comfort level of your pool area. But beauty and comfort are not the only things that count; pool decks must be safe for activity. The challenge is that a pool deck surface will surely get wet, making it imperative to find a pool deck surfacing solution that is not only beautiful and durable but also slip-resistant. Park Pet and Play is a pool deck surfacing expert that has been providing perfect solutions to address these issues for years. We have the technical knowledge to identify, source, and install the necessary surfacing materials that match your preference and budget.

At Park Pet and Play, we understand that the moisture around a swimming pool is likely going to encourage the growth of algae, which can make the surface more hazardous and unsightly. As part of our pool deck surfacing solutions, we offer products and materials that ensures your deck will dry quickly. Trust in Park Pet and Play for the most beautiful and durable pool deck surfacing solutions!

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AquaMax Surfacing™

AquaMax surfacing is the finest all-around poured-in-place product available for aquatic play areas and pool decks.

Park Pet and Play also offers rubber pool decking, which is ideal for providing a permeable, porous, non-slip surface that is both durable and functional. The application also provides a comfortable, cushion-like surface perfect for walking or relaxing and doesn’t get too hot under the sun. This surface solution is also available in a variety of colors to match any theme or design preference.

Product Highlights

  • Seamless and slip-resistant
  • Drains quickly and is easy to maintain
  • Practical for outdoor or indoor use
  • Proven durability
  • Made of the finest EPDM peroxide cured granules and 100% polyurethane binder
  • Professional nationwide installation