Rubber Flooring & Synthetic Turf

The concept of rubber flooring has become a novel idea in the flooring industry. Although rubber flooring can work in industrial, commercial, and residential environments, it is particularly essential when it comes to the flooring of sports and fitness facilities as well as spaces for children’s play. Rubber flooring makes the ground level more comfortable and safe for physical activity. If you are looking for a rubber flooring contractor to install rubber floor on your new or old playground or gym, Park Pet and Play is a partner you can trust.

At Park Pet and Play, we offer a broad range of rubber flooring options. Rubber tiles and rolls, multi-colored garage flooring, and mats for entrances, gyms, and pathways are just some of the options we have. We offer rubber flooring materials with varying thickness and colors to address a multitude of design and budgeting concerns.

MaxPlay Foam Padding
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PIP Rubber Repair System

Park Pet and Play offers cost-effective repair of all PIP and tiles using black SBR rubber or black EPDM rubber before re-coating the entire play space with MaxPlay Topcoat to make your playground look brand new! This service saves property owners the extensive cost of having to repair and recap or remove a surface completely.

PIP Rubber Repair Results

  • No stained clothing
  • Surface temperature is cooler
  • Costs far less than a complete replacement

Now you can:

  • Conserve budget dollars
  • Enjoy minimal site downtime
  • Improve playground safety
  • Utilize an environmentally responsible product

Synthetic Turf

Park Pet and Play is here to meet your turn-key requirements for synthetic or artificial turf. Whether the application is for residential, commercial, or municipal use, we deliver gorgeous, cost-effective artificial grass products using innovative installation techniques and components. Our synthetic turf is stronger, safer, softer, and more realistic than any other turf product in the marketplace, so you can rest assured knowing your athletic field, golf course, or other playspace will look its very best while maintaining the essential safety standards you require.

Need assistance in choosing the best artificial turf to fit your property? Choose us to guide you during your decision-making process with our expert consulting and we’ll also provide you with an accurate quote that will match your budget expectations. If you have any questions regarding the application of artificial turf surfaces, give us a call at 877-907-6222 to get started today!