Tennis Court Repurposing

From highly affordable to extra luxurious, you will find a tennis court, basketball, or any other exciting re-purpose option that fits your needs and budget. And though dog parks are a popular amenity addition, there are many different applications that take your old tennis court and add a new glimmer and vitality to the community.

As a supplier and installer of Pet and Playground we are pleased to offer our clients the below options to re-purpose there existing amenities.

Tennis court repurposing projects usually include one or more of the following services we provide:

  • Repairing and resurfacing courts
  • Creating double-gate fence entry areas
  • Demolition of concrete or asphalt
  • Replacing or adding of new sod
  • Installing irrigation for dog parks or gathering areas
  • Creating multi-use areas; i.e., one-half mini soccer field with the other half as a dog park, playground, or outdoor sitting area
  • Outdoor Fitness Area and New Sitting/grilling areas